I am always delighted when someone loves my work enough to request a commission! So welcome to this place! To make sure we’re both on the same page, and your interests are protected as much as mine, I’ve written down the guidelines for my commission process.


1. My goal is for you to be delighted with your new artwork and to enjoy and feel valued and respected throughout our project. I love the work I do. This is not just a job. It is a deep passion and the result of my soul’s search for and connection with beauty and meaning in the world around us. I’m honored you love it too! To show my appreciation I will do everything in my power to make sure you’re thrilled with your commission experience.


2. I know you’re anxious to receive your beautiful artwork and I promise to complete it as quickly as I can. However, my creative schedule is fluid and sometimes unpredictable. When we schedule your commission, I will give you an idea of what my schedule looks like and a time frame during which you can expect to receive your finished artwork, but not an exact date.


3. I work in my own style, my own voice. This is what makes my work original and unique. I will not copy the work of others or make you a carbon copy of a photograph. My work is abstract, impressionistic, mixed media and each piece is unique and completely original. For this reason, I cannot guarantee how a piece will turn out. I can work with color ideas, subject matter suggestions, and I’m always happy to include copies of sentimentally important documents in collage work. We will discuss all of this in our first meeting.


4. My commission prices for works on museum quality paper are roughly by size and start at $400 for 12″ X 12″. Please contact me for a quote for your specific project.

5. Payment for commissions are a non-refundable 50% deposit down before I begin, and the rest due on completion before I ship (or you collect from me.) The cost does not include framing, sales tax, shipping, insurance, or hanging the artwork. The only exception is if for some reason, I am unable to complete the commission I will fully refund your deposit.
6. Please contact me to discuss your painting idea and my availability before you print and complete this information sheet. I will provide the mailing address when we chat.

7. I retain the rights to all the artwork I create, including sold work, (unless the buyer has bought the rights in addition to the original artwork.) This simply means you own the original piece of art and get to enjoy it wherever you wish in your home or business, but it may not be reproduced without my written permission, and I may use copies in my artpreneural business at some point.


Full Name: ______________________________________
Desired Painting Size and cost: ________________________________
Check number and amount (50% of total cost): __________________________


Painting details on your wish list: _______________________________________________
I have read and agree to these conditions. Signature and date: ___________________________________
Email and phone number: _____________________________________________________


Additional Notes, artist signature, and date:

If you haven’t already, take a look at some of my work here to get a sense of my style. You can reference specific paintings you like on your wish list.