How to take a Sketch further with Mixed Media

So I have a sketch …

Creating a quick charcoal sketch is one thing. But then what? How do you develop it further using mixed media?

You may have watched some of the sketches I’ve been posting recently. They are part of a growing body of work on my new collection of Strong Women paintings.

You may be wondering what I do with all the sketches when I’m done. I certainly have filled up a few sketch books at this point. So now what? And how do they end up in my final work?

The best way to explain is to show you some videos of my process so you can see for yourself. This post is a glimpse into the first stage but you will see how much fun I have just playing and exploring. The more freedom I give myself the more exciting, serendipitous magic begins to show up.

The first video below is step one: creating the quick charcoal portrait sketch using charcoal on sketching paper.

The second video shows how I use a variety of mixed media to develop the sketch further. My goal at this point is to play and explore and just see what happens.

Step one: Creating the quick charcoal portrait sketch.
Using exploration and play to transform a quick, charcoal portrait sketch into something colorful and perhaps surprising.

I’ll be sharing more examples of this process in the weeks ahead. If you have any questions leave them in the comments below or DM me on Instagram. Subscribe to my email at the link below so you don’t miss future videos.

Find more of my quick sketches to watch here:

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