Artist Journal entries:

How the beauty of Cape Town can change your life
Visiting Cape Town can change your life. Estimated reading time: 8 minutes I never lived in Cape...
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How to take a Sketch further with Mixed Media
So I have a sketch … Creating a quick charcoal sketch is one thing. But then what? How do you...
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Ecstasy charcoal sketch by Colleen Kastner
How to Cash In on Drawing Video Addiction
Why are drawing videos so addictive? Why are drawing videos so addictive and how can I cash in and...
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A Little Green Parrot called Peanut.
The Ungrateful Peanut The first time I saw Peanut he was lying motionless in the middle of a road in...
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How About A French Artist Date in Manhattan?
A Journey to Fill My Cup I took the train into Manhattan last weekend for the first time since we moved...
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2024-01-01 12.12
Fun Quick Sketches to Watch
Sharing my Sketches I’ve been sharing my daily charcoal portrait sketches on Instagram and my YouTube...
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How to make Organic Fire Starters
Learn a simple way to make the cutest Organic Fire Starters I have always loved a crackling log fire...
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Drunken Elephants + Snapshots from a South African Safari
Snapshots from one of my favorite places – a game reserve in South Africa. One...
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Studio journal 4 of 4 -17
How to tell when your Painting is Finished
So, how do you know a painting is finished? This will look different for different artists depending...
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Painting the messy middle of a painting
How to Paint Through the "Messy Middle" of a Painting
Have you heard of the messy middle? There are endless ways to begin a painting but often what gives...
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Some Favorite Ways to Begin a New Painting
I have several favorite ways to begin a new painting and I’ll explore a few of in the next few videos....
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Preparing for a large Commission
You love my work enough to commission a painting from me? Excellent! But commissions are often a complicated...
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Painting out the box
Painting out the box: From the beginning this painting refused to stay within the borders of the birchwood...
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Unusual Ways of Drawing People that will make you Stop and Stare!
Continuing my exploration into drawing and painting the female figure and head, and trying to find unique...
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Part 3 & 4 of my 3 Paintings Series
PART 3 AND PART 4: Watch as I continue working on my “3 Paintings” series with mixed media...
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A Side Trip to Munich
How I lost my taste for non-stop flights: Munich in April is a flower market dream I discovered on...
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A Week in April
Comparison is a killer – and so is underestimating time … This month I planned a week...
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Sharing Secrets
I love to watch artists working whether it’s in real life or videos on Instagram or You Tube. I find...
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2022-05-20 08.35
Rejection - A Poem
Kitchen scent of roasted garlic, Silverware and white dishes Glow in the last of a candle, Flickering...
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Studio Rituals
My new studio in Connecticut is attached to the garage – a separate structure from our home. I...
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Nature Walks
Creativity is not just about “Art” with a capital “A” – it can be about...
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2022-04-20 11.12
South Africa
Travel, nature, fellow artists and other creatives and all the lovely places and spaces I find inspiration...
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Studio Playtime
Lots to come here including art tutorials and daily rituals, studio playtime, work in progress, shows...
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