Hello and Welcome!

I’m a South African born mixed media artist, journalist and former psychotherapist who brings a passion for stories into the complex layers of my paintings. My work is a perpetual exploration of ideas, and blend of risk-taking and adventure, linework in charcoal and graphite, a smorgasboard of paint and pigment, collage elements of vintage hand-written letters, maps of local and faraway places, and eco-printing with materials foraged from forest and beach hikes.

I’ve had a love affair with painting and drawing all my life, but was not encouraged to pursue a career in art as a child.  

Instead, I became a newspaper journalist in South Africa and later, after immigrating to the United States, I got my master’s degree in psychology and became a mental health counselor.

I worked with a wide range of clients, but much of my focus was survivors of domestic violence.

Both career paths gave me heightened insight into human nature, pain, and our universal longing for connection, affirmation, and peace. As a mental health counselor, I learned the powerful connection between art and healing. It turns out having beautiful art in your home has way deeper psychological benefits than you might realize! (More information about this in my studio journal!)

It was only after my own deep experiences with pain and loss that I realized I needed to step back from helping other people and take care of myself. For a while I wrote. Another cathartic and healing tool.


And finally, I immersed myself in art.

I scribbled and sketched, threw paint around and made terrible paintings. The more I worked, the better I felt. And the better my work became. My long-dormant passion for creativity emerged. 


I rediscovered that speechless rush of emotion I felt as a child walking into an art classroom, giddy with excitement to see other children crowded around tables spread with giant sheets of paper and every imaginable color of paint. It took my breath away.

My subject matter is just as inexorably linked to my childhood and life journey. Originally from South Africa, I’ve always enjoyed the outdoors and wide open, wild places.  I was raised on the spectacular South Coast beaches pounded by the thunderous surf of the Indian Ocean, and the scenic trails of the Drakensberg (Dragon’s Back) Mountains. Perhaps my favorite outdoor places were the quiet, untamed game reserves where I’ve spent hundreds of hours watching elephants, rhino, lions, and dozens more against the backdrops of grassy plains, thornbush and the stunning sunrises and sunsets of the Africa I love.

Professional Art Organizations

* Florida Watercolor Society

* Gold Coast Watercolor Society, FL

* Art League of Highlands-Cashiers, NC

* Lake Toxaway Painters, NC

* Coral Springs Artist Guild, FL


Shows, Exhibitions & Awards


Coral Springs Artist Guild juried show, Primary Colors, March 2022

Memorial Award at the GCWS Members Love Watercolor Show, February 2022

* Coral Springs Museum of Art – Artist Guild Fall Exhibit, November 2021

* Art League of Highlands-Cashiers Fall Colors Fine Art Show, October 2021

* Art League of Highlands-Cashiers Members Exhibition at the Bascom Center for the Visual Arts

* Art League of Highlands-Cashiers Summer Colors Fine Art Show, July 2021

* Lighthouse ArtCenter Plein Air Festival at the Ann Norton Sculpture Gardens, Mar 2020  

* Accepted into the Coral Springs Festival of the Arts New Artist Program, Feb 2020

* Gold Coast Watercolor Society Art on Fire Juried Show & Exhibition at the Fort Lauderdale Public Library, Feb 2020

* Pen Women Juried Show & Exhibition & award, Pompano Beach, Feb 2020

* Broward Art Guild Quick Draw Competition en plein air at Flamingo Gardens and work exhibited at the Flamingo Gardens Art Gallery, Feb 2020Plein

*Coral Springs Artist Guild Love is in the Air Exhibit, Coral Spring, Feb 2020

* 15th Annual Art Competition at Studio 18 in the Pines, Pembroke Pines, Oct/Nov 2019.

September Exhibit at The Wall, Uncommon Gallery, Fort Lauderdale, Sept 2019.

* Art League of Highlands-Cashiers Summer Colors Fine Art Show, July 2019.

* Gold Coast Watercolor Society Paint the Universe Exhibit at Nova Southeastern University Alvin Sherman Library, May – July 2019.

Emerging Artist Award, painting titled “Everglades Island,” Gold Coast Watercolor Society, Nova University Alvin Sherman Gallery 2019.

* Gold Coast Watercolor Society Wet Paint Exhibit at Artserve, Fort Lauderdale, Feb/Mar 2019.

* Gold Coast Watercolor Society Wetted, Watered and Washed Exhibit at the Coral Springs Museum of Art, 2018.

* Art League of Highlands-Cashiers Summer Colors Fine Art Show, July 2018.