Painting out the box: From the beginning this painting refused to stay within the borders of the birchwood board I was painting on. I had a feeling this was coming so I taped a piece of blank wallpaper behind it to keep a record of the process.

It got real messy, real quickly. What box, my painting asked? Why do you want me to be in a box when you don’t want to be in one?

I specifically chose a small substrate for this exercise so I would have ample wall space to be free. But just imagine how cool this would be on a giant painting – a whole collection of giant paintings escaping the bounds of their borders!

Watch the video below to see some of my process and the installation of the piece at the Ridgefield Guild of Art’s pop up show, Bedlam, happening this week.

The paintings are available for sale, $500 each. I’m getting shopping set up on my new website but in the meantime hit the button below to contact me.

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