Part 3 & 4 of my 3 Paintings Series

PART 3 AND PART 4: Watch as I continue working on my “3 Paintings” series with mixed media on birch wood panels. I use a limited palette of acylic paint beginning with Paynes Grey and white. Full materials list below.

I began these videos by sharing collage as one of my favorite ways of beginning new paintings. Here you will see more of my favorite things: my palette knife, Birch wood panels, and my orbital sander.

3 Paintings #3
3 Paintings #4


  1. Birch wood panels. They come in many sizes and finishes. I got these from

2. Collage papers. I forage vintage stores and antique markets for old books, documents and maps, order from etsy, and make my own.

3. Golden matte medium or Yes Paste to secure collage material to the substrate – and an old paintbrush.

4. Acrylic paints in any colors you like. I used Paynes Grey, white, black, yellow ochre, Ultramarine Blue, and Alizarin Crimzon.

5. Palette knife and paint brushes in your favorite sizes.

6. Palette paper for mixing colors.

7. Orbital sander and fine grit sandpaper.

8. Matte Medium and/or cold wax to finish and seal.

The final parts of this painting series will show what I do with the 2nd and 3rd paintings. If you’re not already subscribed, sign up below to make sure you don’t miss it.

Missed the first two videos in this series? You can watch them here:

2 thoughts on “Part 3 & 4 of my 3 Paintings Series”

  1. Hi Colleen. I’m thrilled you showed how you made my glorious birthday painting. I am in awe of your talent and skill. (Can’t believe you manage to keep your frilly shirt sleeves clean while doing this too!!) Everyone who has come to the house has noticed my painting immediately and love it.

    Michele and I will want to speak to you about another commission opportunity when we connect. One question. Is it possible for you to make a frame for the barn bathed in fall colors that we purchased from you at the art show in 2021? It’s 15 inches high by 30 inches wide. I would love to get it placed in a frame like my commission was. Thanks again for making my 65th so special! Cindy

    1. Hi Cindy – yours is the gift that keeps on giving to both of us! Thank you for your kind words. Yes, I can get a frame for the Fall painting. I’ll contact you directly.
      Colleen xo

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