You love my work enough to commission a painting from me? Excellent!

But commissions are often a complicated subject for artists. They can be difficult simply because they put constraints on the creative process that if not managed correctly can block the artist completely with disastrous results. I have a good friend who has not been in her studio for more than a year because of issues with her commissions.

But with healthy boundaries in place, they can be a fun process for both the artist and the commissioning client. And this is obviously what I want. If someone commissions an original painting from me, I want them to be so excited about the project and absolutely thrilled when they receive their finished painting to add to their collection. I want them to be so proud they throw a party and invite all their friends over to see how gorgeous this new piece of art it and how it’s the perfect complement for their beautiful home!

The Timing

Typically, I allow several months to complete a commission to fit the painting in with other projects I have planned as well as give myself plenty of creative flow time to work with. (With this particular commission I did not give myself this time buffer which was incredibly stressful. I completed the painting in 10 days – a small miracle for sure!)

The first thing I do when someone contacts me about a commission is make sure they have read my commission page on my website, so they understand how I work and what to expect from me. We will talk about what they are looking for and compare what they want with some of my other paintings they have seen either in person at a show or exhibition, or online through my website gallery.

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What does it cost?

Pricing will depend on size and the timeline will depend on what other projects are on my schedule. For deposit information and more details take a look at the commission page on my website at

Collecting What I Need

Once I receive the deposit, I add the commission to my schedule and get to work. In this case I ordered my materials from my Connecticut studio and had them shipped to my North Carolina studio where I would be working. I ordered the canvas already stretched, frames I would have to assemble, and boxes of acrylic paint. From my studio in Connecticut, I brought my favorite brushes and mark making tools, and handmade papers and other collage material I like to work with.

Some clients ask me to collage specific documents into their paintings which make them even more special and personal. I’ll share more on this fun process in another post.

All artists work differently. There is no standard way and nor should there be. Some artists will provide photos as the work progresses. I don’t. Some artists create a few pieces and give the customer a choice when they are done. Be prepared for these differences, communicate clearly about your vision but unless you are working with a hyper-realistic artist, expect the artist to capture the spirit of your vision rather than a replica. You are embarking on a collaboration with the artist. How fun!

Final thoughts: good things are worth waiting for. The artist is very likely working to fit commissions around shows, workshops and other work and the creative process takes time. And because of the constraints placed on the artist commission prices are often a bit higher. If you’re uncomfortable with this, you can always wait it out and see if the artist happens to paint exactly what you want or something else you didn’t even know you wanted!

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Want to commission your own painting? Head on over to my commission page and then contact me. Getting started is that simple.

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